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Special: Join our Voys Model Session

We really love to inspire other people and organisations. That’s why we’ll be hosting a session in English (for the very first time) about the way we work.┬áDuring this session we will tell you more about our organizational model and what it is like to work without management. Ofcourse we’ll cover both the advantages and disadvantages.

The session includes a presentation, some room for Q & A and a tour through the work area.

When: June 28, 14:30 – 17:00.

Where: @ Voys: Helperpark 292, Groningen

Price: Free

How to join: There are approximately 40 places available. There is a maximum of two people per company. Send an e-mail to spraakmakers@voys.nl if you would like to join the session.

Happy employees, happy customers

The Voys model is an organizational model without managers and without functions. We use this model so people can fully use their capabilities in a place where they are trusted to make decisions on their own. Voys believes this is the only way to ensure that people progress and develop themselves. As a result they will perform optimally and contribute to the goals of the organisation. This makes them happy and happy employees lead to happy customers.

Three items that make someone a professional

  • Identity : who you are
  • Security: certainty about the basis
  • Significance: your contribution to the organisation

The Voys Model ensures these 3 basic needs are filled through social technology. We also paid much attention to the classic roles and tasks of managers and how we could bring those into the organisation.


In 2015 we added holacracy to the Voys model. Holacracy is a system of organizational governance in which authority and decision-making are distributed throughout self-organizing teams. The Voys model is a great basis In 2012 we wrote a manual for new colleagues in our organisation: The Voys Manual. We updated the book in 2014. If you would like to know more about the way we work please go ahead and read it. It is free, translated in English and easy to read.

The voys manual