Antoine Beauvillain

UX / UI Designer

I make fancy buttons for people to tap on: that’s how I explain my work as UX and UI designer to people who know nothing about User Interface (UI) design. I create interfaces, think about the look and feel of our products, test navigation and tweak it until everything works just right. I often think of different ways to solve a problem, taking feedback from colleagues into account to make the best mockups. Many of my colleagues have also become friends and we are often going climbing, having a borrel together and biking.

I have quite the bike collection: a road bike for exercising, a touring bike for camping trips and a daily bike for the rough Dutch weather. Thanks to that, and bouldering about three times a week, I manage to stay fit, even when working from home. I have started some wood working as well, which is fun. So far I have made some table legs, a toolbox and a bird house. Next to that I like to play boardgames of all kinds and Dungeons and Dragons with friends. My colleagues have come to call me Frenchie and I’m working on learning Dutch online. I’m also practicing some Swedish since I’ve lived there for a year and a bit of Japanese in hopes of visiting the country later. In all, I’m a Frenchie, but with quite an international outlook!


De 15 minuten zijn verlopen. Dat betekent dat je nummer(s) niet meer is/zijn gereserveerd.

Als je het snel nogmaals probeert zou het kunnen dat je jouw gekozen nummer(s) nog kunt redden van andere kapers op de kust. Maar hier geldt wel: weg = pech

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