Anton Mulder

Webapp developer

Challenge and variation: that’s what I like in my job as web developer. I build and check the backend of our product so our customers have a positive experience while using it. Every day is different, so I don’t just do maintenance but also develop the product further. I love the research part of my job: investigating why things happen and then making them better. I live very rural and my garden is close to the woods. I like to walk there with my dog, a labradoodle. My garden is a really nice place for me to discover gardening, but I also use it to look at the stars.

Since high school I’ve been very interested in astronomy. I’ll watch rocket launches and space stations through my telescope. If it’s special I will even get up for it in the middle of the night. The advantage of living in the countryside is that it gets really dark at night and I can see a lot. When I was a kid I started to play soccer and I’ve never stopped since. I have played at the same soccer club for 25 years. These days I mostly go to training and sometimes play a match. That way it’s easy to combine with my other hobbies, like cooking. I eat vegan and I like to find nice recipes to cook for my family.


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