Antonio Berenguer Iborra

Software tester

I test what our developers program: that’s my job in a nutshell. They create the code, I make sure that it aligns with what our customers want and need and give feedback for improvements. I always keep the end users of our product in mind as a black box tester. Next to that I have a role as circle lead, which means that I make sure the purpose of our circle is being fulfilled: a reliable, usable and maintainable application. After work hours I like to play board games. Sometimes I get a bit competitive, but I’m not a sore loser. I also like cooperative board games, where all players work together to achieve a goal.

My favorite card game is Hanabi, which is also a cooperative game. One of the most famous board games I rather play online: Gloomhaven. Video games have been present in my life, I really like to play them. I have even been a tester at a video game company. Good food makes my day. I enjoy a great meal, but in order to eat well you have to be able to cook! That’s how cooking became something I like to do. Asian cuisine is my specialty, maybe because I have lived there for a couple of years. I used to work there as a scuba dive instructor. My life is in Groningen now, but the love for Asian recipes has stayed.