Qendrese Leigh

Front end developer

Magic: that is the word that describes my work as a front end developer best. At first there is nothing, but when I code a new amazing world appears. I love the creativity of my role, when I code I don’t notice time. I get in this amazing flow where three minutes turn out to be five hours of coding. It’s not just the end result, but also the process that is very exciting to me. At Spindle I get the chance to grow and learn and experiment with all the possibilities that front end gives me. Creating things is something that I do. Not just in coding, but as a part of my life. Even as a child, when I lived in Kosovo, I crafted with the little materials that were available.

When I came to the Netherlands I had my own jewellery shop with handmade jewellery. I love to draw and right now I’m knitting a sweater. Hobbies always come in phases with me, but not doing anything is not an option. Trying new stuff is a great way to learn and discover things about yourself. I think that’s why neuroscience is also one of my favourite topics. What also matters to me is sustainability. I look for the sustainable option in food and clothes and recycle a lot. I like to eat vegetarian and when possible plant based.


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