Remi Reuvekamp

SIP stack developer

If the end users aren’t aware of my efforts, I’m doing a good job. That is my motto in my role as SIP Stack developer at Voys. Both the architecture of the infrastructure and product development make me very enthusiastic. For me developing and maintaining telephony software is meaningful work. Free and open communication is part of the Dutch culture and something that everybody depends on. It feels good to contribute to that. Next to that my colleagues are a lot of fun to work with, that’s why I’m very happy at Voys.

In my free time I like some technical crafting. Automating the lights via my own server in my kitchen was a fun project. I designed and built it from scratch. These kinds of projects, which are technical but also practical, suit me really well. Making and listening to the radio is something that I like to do as well. I’m really fond of Groningen, I was born and raised here and probably will never leave. The culture here is great. Groningen is a big city, but also very cosy. But maybe, one day, I want a little farm with a vegetable garden in Drenthe. That would be the only thing possibly worth trading Groningen for. But for now, I’m very happy here.


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