Microblog: Start a company you would want to work yourself

Mark Vletter
25 november 2015 Clock 1 min
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Today we publish the second in a series of microblogs in which I present some of my views on work, entrepreneurship and building a company.

Start a company you would want to work yourself

First you start a company that solves a problem you want solved. Then you get the chance to build a company where you would want to work yourself. The rules for building such a company are very simple: treat the people around you -your partners, customers and colleagues- the way you want to be treated yourself.

If you buy a big flat panel monitor because it makes you more productive, let your colleagues buy the same screen as well. If you want to work 32h a week because you want to spend time with your kids, let your colleagues work 32h as well. If you want to be able to work remote because it suits your work style better, enable the people around you to do the same. And if your colleagues want a bigger flat panel monitor to make their lives easier…; listen to them.

Invest in the workspace to make it a home suitable for work. Invest in equipment you and your coworkers want to use and invest in a good work-life balance.

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