Ashley Gottula


Communication: that is the keyword in the roles that I have. I write and edit content for Spindle and our foundation Next to that I make sure that our brands and products are perfectly represented in English. For that I don’t only check texts, but also help my colleagues grow in their use of the English language. Helping people and teaching them new skills is something I love to do. Therefore I also coach colleagues with the use of tools like Notion. This gives me a lot of energy. Especially now that we’re working remotely, it’s important to help circles communicate so together we can work as a unified group. That’s why I have the role of internal communication advisor as well.

Catching and collecting Pokémon on my Nintendo Switch is something that I really like to do in my free time. My favourite character is Eevee. In my new game I’ve got to catch and collect about 500 pokemon, so it’s going to take me a while. I like the fact that there is strategy involved. I don’t just collect Pokémon, but also nail polish. Not just the ordinary ones, but also special colors and flakies, which can give your nails a rainbow look for instance. I’ve got a rather large collection of more than 40 colors. Spending time with my husband and daughter is really important to me. And taking care of our pets of course. We have dogs and a bearded dragon named Chester. He even has his own Instagram account @chesterthebearded. It’s a lot of fun because we can communicate with him. Sometimes when we take him out of his terrarium he sits on our shoulder and watches tv with us.


De 15 minuten zijn verlopen. Dat betekent dat je nummer(s) niet meer is/zijn gereserveerd.

Als je het snel nogmaals probeert zou het kunnen dat je jouw gekozen nummer(s) nog kunt redden van andere kapers op de kust. Maar hier geldt wel: weg = pech

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