Caller ID becomes Caller Name

Mark Vletter
29 juli 2008
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Today Voys launched Caller Name ID! Apple decided to imitate us the same evening during WWDC. But where Apple scans just your e-mail, we decided to scan the entire internet for business phonenumbers. Guess what is more efficient? For many years you have been able to see the telephone number of an incoming call in the display of your telephone. When using Caller Name ID Voys customers see both the number and the business name of the caller in the telephone display, even when the number is not stored in the address book. Voys is the first telecommunication provider to offer this unique functionality to its customers.

Caller Name ID without CRM

Until recently it was only possible to see the Caller Name when someone had the telephone number in his own address book or in an integrated CRM system. With the launch of Caller Name ID it is not necessary anymore to store the numbers in your own database or phone book.

When a customer at Voys receives a phone call, the system checks if the incoming business telephone number is listed in a giant database. If so, the number shows up on the telephone display.

Websites as a data source

Voys has built this new technology in a collaboration with the Dutch big data company ‘Dataprovider’. This company has a structured search engine which uses the information from websites in 40 countries in the world. Dataprovider regards the websites as small data sources with relevant and up to date information, such as opening hours, telephone numbers and company addresses. With Dataprovider you can specifically search for a company name that has a company telephone number listed on the website.

Connection between Voys and Dataprovider

A connection between the system of Voys and the search engine of Dataprovider makes it possible to use Caller Name ID. Voys requests a search for the company name with every incoming call. The company name shows up in the telephone display as soon as the phone rings.

The connection works in real time and at this moment it processes over 100.000 requests per day. A number that increases every day.

Ik lees -en/of deel- dit bericht liever in het Nederlands.

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